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Agility lessons can be booked by contacting Jill - please see contact page - by phone, email or via the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Individual lessons allow each lesson to be tailored to you and your dogs needs and level of training.


Puppies can begin their training from 4 months old - their training will be low impact until they are fully grown.

However you can start training with your dog at any age as long as they are fit and healthy.


Lessons will be progressive, starting with basic control skills and building up through sequences with jumps and tunnels to contact and weave training until full courses can be practised.

beginners class icon.jpg

For Beginners.

Book now to start the exciting journey to becoming an agility handler and training your dog to be an awesome agility dog. The sport of agility is a great activity to do with your dog and they will love you for the chance to train with you.

Training together will help to create a good working relationship, and strong bond between you, and be useful in all areas of your dog's life.


We will be working on-


Establishing rewards - creating a dog eager to learn and work for you.

Control on the ground - sit, wait, go, recall, staying on a parallel path, acceleration and deceleration

Body awareness and balance exercises.

Introduction to jumps and tunnels.

improvers class icon.jpg

For Improvers.

You will move on to more complex sequences involving learning different handling manoeuvres to build the ability to tackle any course successfully. And introduce your dog to contact training over the dog walk, A-frame and see-saw. We will then teach your dog how to weave and you will have learnt all the agility equipment.

advanced class icon.jpg

For the Advanced Dog.

In these lessons we will be working on harder sequences and course running and specifics that your dog needs particular help with. Whether it’s contacts, weave entries, round the backs or any other weak areas, I can tailor your lesson to your specific needs.

Lesson Fees.

£25 for a 30 minute lesson.

£35 for a 45 minute lesson.


Currently lessons take place 7 days a week.

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