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Hello and Welcome to Top Dogs Agility    


We are a friendly dog training and agility club located near Clevedon in North Somerset.

The club is owned and run by enthusiastic agility trainer and competitor Jill Ray.

The aims of the club are to help you and your dog bond, have fun, improve your skills, and socialise.

Dogs of all breeds, size and ability are welcome. Puppies can start their foundation training from 4 months old.

We have the benefit of a good quality all weather arena as well as a grass arena and an undercover area to protect you from the rain or sun. We have a room for refreshments and talks etc.

We are encouraging, forward thinking and work to a consistent training plan. We will encourage you to improve your skills and will be proud of your achievements.

We run monthly competitions so that you can practice the skills you have learnt during your lessons.



"Jill Ray of Top Dogs Agility is an amazing Trainer. I have been to training sessions with other agility Trainers but Jill is on another level entirely. She has such insight and empathy with what training the individual dog and owner needs. I could easily have a session everyday as she makes each one so enjoyable and I really feel I am continually learning, improving and building a wonderful relationship with my dog. I would highly recommend Jill for any stage/standard of training required. She is the very best!"

Justine and Max

"Jill’s instruction has been fantastic in giving us both a massive confidence boost and leaping our training forwards. Her good, clear explanations have made us progress faster than we did course after course elsewhere. Accuracy is key and Jill is brilliant at helping us to achieve it. Thank you Jill!"

Emma Burnett and Bailey

"My Pointer and I have been working with Jill for the past 4 years. Jill has been amazingly patient and knowledgeable. Lots of positive/rewarding training techniques (and great advice for humans too!) have taken Henry from a distracted, frankly quite poorly trained dog to a focused, fast and experienced agility pro! Time with Jill works wonders away from the agility ring too - I've seen loads of benefits on walks, around the home, and with Canicross racing too. Highly recommended"

Tim Newham and Henry

"I started agility with Jill 5 years ago because I wanted to do something fun with my then 2 year old sprollie. I thought it would be fun to try and see how we got on, and 5 years later I’m still hooked!


There is something really satisfying about achieving a new move or combination, especially if it’s one that’s taken a bit of time to master. My sprollie and me are a real team and agility has developed this between us so much.


Jill is a brilliant instructor, and group or individual lessons are always tailored to challenge your own development. I never leave a lesson feeling like I haven’t achieved something, or without having something to think about ready for next time!

I highly recommend agility with Jill for something fun to build a bond between you and your dog - whether you want to compete or just want to have lots of fun!"

Sara Colley and Maverick

"Jill’s teaching methods for both handler and dog are get. She’s always professional and fun. Jill is able to explain what’s needed and spot how to put errors right. Ed my working cocker and I have achieved more in the year we have been helped by Jill than I even thought possible"


Anita Ellis and Ed

"We find Jill at Top Dogs Agility an excellent trainer! As well as training you to get your dog round a course, she looks at how the dog is controlled and how they perform at each obstacle. She's great at breaking down each movement to give you a chance of improving the whole performance. Jill is very patient and a great caring trainer. Her grounds are superb in all weathers."

Chris Clifton and Max

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